Vancouver’s Earle Creek Aggregates Hits President’s Award

On Oct.3 2016 Earle Creek Aggregates received the President’s award for achieving 200,000 hours without a medical aid or lost time accident. This achievement was recognized with an award presented on site by Greater Vancouver management and health and safety team. When asked how this milestone was achieved here is what the crew had to say:

We achieved this milestone not alone, but as a team.

We are committed to going beyond upholding provincial legislation and company policies and procedures; we determine priorities and focus on them.

Every member of our crew is looking out for each other; everybody goes home at the end of the day.

We’ve developed a safety culture that works, when a safety concern is brought forward, it’s dealt with, no questions asked.

Recently a platform was required to access a tough to get to maintenance area, it was built immediately, we needed a 60 tonne jack for tire changes, and it was purchased. Those are just two examples of the “See something, Do something” culture at work here.

We have a culture based on trust, we trust that our crew members will do the right thing, will fix a problem and will say “I’m not trained” or “I’m not comfortable”.

We are reminded regularly that accidents happen and can happen anywhere through toolbox talks and serious incident reviews which allows us time to slow down and think about what we are doing and how we can do it safer

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