New Pitt Meadows Quarry/Gravel Pit Notice

Located in the Pitt Poldler area of Pitt meadows, BC Pitt River Quarries is a quarry owned by Lafarge Canada Inc. The quarry has been in operation since the mid 1960’s and was acquired by Lafarge in 2000 with the Warren merger. The existing mine is 54.7 hectares of land with a further 15.8 hectares permitted in December of 2010.

The site is served by both road and water access with roughly 50% by road and 50% by water. The quarry is a major employer in the area with more than 40 employees during peak construction throughout the year. The operation has one of the best safety records in the industry and prides itself on being an industry leader.

The quarry produces very high quality asphalt, ready mix and construction aggregates for the local and Pacific Northwest market places.

The Lafarge has been contributor of the Mossom Creek fish hatchery rebuild, Ryder Lake amphibian crossing and many employee volunteer hours within the Lower Mainland.

Recent News:

There is a new application for a Pitt Meadows quarry on Sheridan Hill in the Pitt Polder area near the Lafarge Pitt River Quarries operation. This application is in no way associated with Lafarge Canada Inc or affiliated companies. Any inquiries about the new Pitt Meadows gravel pit application should not be directed to Lafarge.