Migrating toads get a helping hand

The construction of the Ryder Lake Toad crossing is complete thanks to the hard work by GVA employees. A very big thank you to Brian Spear, Joe DeMelo, Dan Grauman, Brandon Bier, and Jeff Ralph!

GVA volunteers were mobilized on June 24th to install fencing to direct the toadlets and other amphibians through the new culvert however due to the hot weather the migration started early!! Toadlets were already all over the road when volunteers arrived, so they had to work fast and be nimble on their feet to help save the remaining animals!  Voluntary detours are in place however many people choose not to take them and it results in the death of many toads.

Temporary fences were put on a neighboring farmer’s field and ditch to direct the toads into 3 different culverts, all leading towards a woody area where the toads will live.  Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers in the GVA, the toadlets will hopefully make their way to their home in the woods.  Stay tuned for more updates to come on the Ryder lake toads!!