Parks Sparks Program at Lafarge Lake

Parks Sparks 1On Thursday, October 9th, a group of 12 enthusiastic volunteers went to Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam, BC, to help the City of Coquitlam with their Parks Sparks Program. The program is designed to work with interested community members (businesses, individuals, schools or organizations ) who would like to contribute their resources to enhancing Coquitlam park spaces for the benefit of the community.

The Volunteers enhanced the waterfront of Lafarge Lake with colourful and unique plants, providing a beautiful backdrop and scenery for those visiting the lake. The process will involved digging planting holes for small shrubs and perennials, and lifting and placing plants into the holes.

Park Sparks

Lafarge Lake is a five-hectare man-made lake, located in Town Centre Park in central Coquitlam, British Columbia.

The area was originally a quarry owned by Lafarge, but in the 1970s the land was transferred to the City of Coquitlam, and a successful reclamation project ensued.

The lake is home to many species of waterfowl, as well as beavers, common carp, brown bullhead, bluegill, and is stocked with rainbow trout in the spring and fall.

Park Sparks 3
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