Official launch of Aggneo™

On May 11, 2016, Lafarge marked the official launch of Aggneo™— a new range of high standard recycled aggregates in the Vancouver market.

Aggneo is an end-of-life processing technique that takes concrete and asphalt rubble generated by local construction activities and provides the industry with a high quality, reliable alternative to virgin aggregates. Available at our select urban quarries, our customers are provided a convenient, local outlet for both material sourcing and waste disposal. The offer is premised on three key criteria of guaranteed quality, engineered performance, environmental stewardship.

“Lafarge’s commitment to the environment is a top priority,” says David Redfern, Vice President & General Manager, Aggregates, GVA. “The introduction of Aggneo not only responds to the challenges of sustainable construction, but also raises the bar for reliable, recycled aggregates. This innovation is the result of many years of development by Lafarge.”

With an emphasis placed on education and collaboration, Lafarge has worked with the local construction industry and specifiers to promote the use of recycled aggregates by addressing the concerns that previously created barriers for the waste stream – namely product consistency and confidence in performance. This is accomplished through our control of inbound rubble, where a tightly defined quality control process ensures a high frequency of rigorous testing from sourcing to delivery.

“Lafarge is constantly seeking ways to increase its performance, with 50 percent of the Group’s Research and development investments dedicated to sustainable construction,” says David Redfern. “By encouraging recycling through Aggneo, we have found one more way to provide innovative, sustainable solutions that our customers are asking for—at a reduced cost, no less.”

As part of the launch, Lafarge hosted a seminar event that included over 50 guests from the local market, including customers, regulators from provincial ministries and local municipalities, and specifiers from the engineering community. Aggneo: Building the Circular Economy not only provided an introduction to the Aggneo product, but also served as an opportunity to promote Lafarge’s Sustainability 2030 ambitions and how they impact the lower mainland.

The seminar featured both internal and guest speakers, including a representative from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure who was highly complimentary towards Lafarge’s sustainability efforts and ambitions. The question and answer period, meanwhile, revealed an engaged audience that spoke to the importance of environment to the engineering community, as well as an invested interest in Lafarge’s role as a responsible corporate citizen.  Based on the success of the event, there are a number of follow up activities and market outreach programs planned.

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