Coastal Painted Turtle Project Rebuilds Burnaby Lake Nesting Beach

Lafarge partners with Project team, GVRD, and Burnaby Lake Park Association

Coquitlam, BC – Lafarge Canada Inc. is proud to be working to protect coastal populations of western painted turtles which are listed as endangered federally and red-listed provincially. They are the only remaining native freshwater turtle in British Columbia. This week Lafarge volunteers worked alongside the Coastal Painted Turtle Project (CPTP) team members to reconstruct the turtle nesting beach at Burnaby Lake Park in Burnaby, BC in hopes of sustaining their population indefinitely. “Lafarge has been supporting the CPTP for a number of years, helping with projects on the Sunshine Coast and South Coast of BC. We are very grateful that Lafarge donates nesting beach sand, transports it and provides volunteers to help place it at breeding sites.” comments Deanna MacTavish, CPTP leader. Lafarge strives to build better communities via its support for charitable projects in the fields of environment, education and sustainable construction. It is committed to an ongoing relationship with the Coastal Painted Turtle Project and is excited to be a part of sustaining the native freshwater turtle population in BC.

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