Aggregates Team Helps Make the Sharing Farm Safer

The Sharing Farm Society is a community farm in Richmond BC dedicated to growing food for the local food bank. They have a commitment to sound, organic, and sustainable environmental practices. Approximately 75% of the food at the farm is given to the food bank while certain crop such as garlic are sold and the money donated to the food bank. The farm relies on dedicated volunteers from the community and local businesses; Lafarge employees volunteered to harvest their garlic crop in 2013!

Aggregates help out Sharing Farm in Richmond

Recently, the farm approached Lafarge for help with some of the safety upgrades in their greenhouse. A group of seniors work regularly in the greenhouse to harvest basil and after some discussion it was decided that adding crushed gravel to the floor would do the trick!

Thanks to the generous donation by the Aggregates division in GVA the seniors and other volunteers now have a safer workplace at the farm. With the help of some local firefighters the gravel was in place quickly and their good work continued!