GVA volunteers paint a fence for United Way’s Day of Caring

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada – When GVA was approached recently by United Way of the Lower Mainland to help out with a ‘Day of Caring’ community project, the answer was a definite yes! The fence at Fraserside Community Service Society’s Calcutt House, a home for mentally disabled adults in Port Coquitlam, was in disrepair. On July 22, a team of 12 GVA volunteers gathered to solve the situation!

Day of Caring is a partnership between United Way, community agencies and employee groups wanting to provide a ‘hands-on’ day where employees complete various projects for charitable or non-profit organizations. It’s a win-win for both the agencies and workplaces — agencies benefit from help with projects that might not otherwise be completed and employees, through volunteerism, enjoy the sense of giving back.

Thanks to all volunteers for your participation! Not only did you make time in your busy schedule, but through our group effort, we were able to give back to the community in a very meaningful way. Calcutt House’s team leader was very appreciative of our efforts in getting their fence back into shape, and was extremely pleased with the results.

A big thanks to Randy Zach for supplying the Lafarge Special Events t-shirts. Three cheers and a special thanks to Derek Sanderson for coordinating the project, purchasing supplies, repairing & powerwashing the fence, running back for more supplies and for leading the troopsFor more information on this story, contact: